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Empowered Change for a
Happy, Authentic Life

Ever wonder if you could actually get through the stuff that’s preventing you from feeling good about yourself and your life?


If you are feeling anxious, lonely, lost or unfulfilled, we should talk.


I help people like you reconnect to true happiness and fulfillment through compassionate, experienced & transformative psychotherapy.

If you are ready to work through the stuff that's getting in your way, contact me.

It's time you start living a life you love.


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Registered Clinical Counsellor 

MA, MCP, RHN, RCC, CCC, Professional Art Therapist

My style as a counsellor is warm, interactive and nonjudgmental. A relationship of trust and respect is the foundation of my work. Your comfort and the quality of our relationship are essential in creating meaningful and lasting change. 


I currently offer both in office and online therapy from Vancouver, BC. I integrate traditional talk therapy, evidenced-based counselling methods and mindfulness practices to support you in working through issues of stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, life transitions and self-criticism. I specialize in perfectionism, over-achievement and creative professionals, although I am experienced with a wide range of issues from mental health nutrition to child and teen counselling.

My identity and committment to understand my privilege as a white, cisgendered, heterosexual woman, my many years of experience as a professional actor and singer, holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher and endurance athlete, my experience in marriage and motherhood, all inform my work as a therapist.


How I can help

I welcome diversity of all kinds, including sexual orientation, gender, race, country of origin, ethnicity, ability, age, religion and size.  Everyone.

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High Achievers & Perfectionism

You strive to excel at everything you do and when you're praised for your acheivements it is music to your ears. Still, underneath your ambition, lies a fear that you are not quite enough. Counselling can help you nurture self-acceptance and foster more presence and balance in your life.

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Creative Professionals

Your work is your passion and your identity. Loved ones struggle to understand your sacrifices and you may feel torn between a longing for stability and the excitement of the creative life you love. Counselling can help you create balance and security within your unique lifestyle.

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Life Transitions

Life as you know it is shifting beneath your feet. You are struggling with losing what was familiar and safe. If you are facing grief, uncertainty and change, counselling can help you find clarity, direction and reconnect you with a more grounded sense of self. 

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Anxiety & Burnout

Anxiety is taking over your life. You're having trouble sleeping or experiencing panic attacks. Perhaps you feel numb, irritable or disconnected from others. Counselling can help you overcome anxious thoughts and and re-engage with more satisfying behaviours and outlooks.

Other Areas of Focus

Loneliness and Isolation

Moving into Adulthood

Life Balance

Nutrition and Mental Health

Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance

Self-Esteem and Shame

Finding Greater Purpose and Meaning in Life

Boundaries and Assertiveness

Conflict and Challenging Relationships


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